We focus on the highest level of service.

Services & Amenities

Virtual Office in Maryland

One of our services is to provide “virtual offices” for home-based businesses. Our array of programs can accommodate your business’s needs and ensure that no calls or packages will be missed. You can opt to either have mail and packages forwarded to another address, or pick them up as often as you would like by utilizing our secure mail service. As far as your telephone services are concerned, your business is provided with a personalized answering system, designed specifically for you.

Postage/Overnight Deliveries/Courier Services

Staff will arrange for pick-up, delivery, and follow-up on your parcels to ensure timely delivery and accurate billing. Our postage system ensures proper postage and postmarks for current postal standards. Services are provided through UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Our mail facility provides you with secure delivery and access to your mail using individual mailboxes, in which our staff places your mail upon receipt.


The fax machine is available 24 hours a day and is located in the common-area work room. Service may be provided for you for a small fee. Access is granted using your account number and will be billed monthly.

Administrative Support

We offer a vast range of services, billed at an hourly rate. These services include:

  • Word processing
  • Multi-mailings
  • Clerical services
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Making phone calls
  • Sorting papers
  • Photocopy services
  • Fax services

Normal work will typically be completed within 24 hours, unless “rush service” is required, at the cost plus fifty percent (50%).


Photocopying is available 24 hours a day. The photocopier is located in the common-area work room. Access is accepted using your photocopy account number given to you upon occupancy.

Directory Listing and Keys

One copy of office keys are available and are not to be duplicated under any circumstances. Additional copies, as well as replacement keys, are available for an additional fee.

As part of your initial set-up fee, signage on the lobby directory will be provided.

Telephone Services

Incoming calls will be answered by our staff with your personalized greeting. The caller will be announced to your specifications, so that you may decide how you would like the call directed. Lines are programmed to ring directly into each office during holidays and after normal business hours, providing you access to your incoming calls 24 hours a day. Or, you may choose to have your voicemails and/or calls forwarded to an outside line after normal business hours. All telephone sets are speaker-phones equipped with hands-free intercom, speed-dialing, call-forwarding, and conference capabilities. Monthly phone services include:

  • Unlimited local calls
  • Unlimited domestic long-distance (international calls billed separately)
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • 12-key speaker phone
  • Conference-calling functionality
  • Customizable voicemail options

Internet Services

We provide access to a very fast T1 Connection and Wi-Fi, which includes:

  • Secure subnet and committed information rate
  • Switch insure security and access
  • Available wireless service

All of the included services shall be available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding designated holidays.